Rin Mints

My funny hellsite for commission references

This is my website for art of my characters!

I'm creating this on July 1st, 2023 because i'm bored out of my fucking mind and social media is exploding, so why not? Come fuck around and find out with me.

Feel free to add my button to your website! Hit me up on one of my social medias above and let me know and i'll do the same for you (if you arent weird about it)

My Characters

Currently, my main characters are Rin, my main Sona who will have probably the largest portion of this website, Ren (IN PROGRESS), his sister, and Hikari (IN PROGRESS), their mom. I have more characters, I'll add them here once I actually have art of them! I might maybe add some of my wifes characters for funsies as well :) Click the buttons up top to check out their art galleries!

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