Rin Mints

My funny hellsite for commission references

About Rin


Age: 34

Height: 8'6" (243cm)

Gender: Male (He/They)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Eyes: Blue

Favorite Color: Blue


Gardening, Studying Medicine, His Partner (Sol), Cooking, Cats


Thunderstorms, Large Crowds, Enclosed Spaces, Being Dirty

Rin's Story

Rin is a former gang "doctor" who took up an actual interest in medicine after losing a friend to his own carelessness. He works as a nurse for a local college, as well as running his own purely remote clinic. He takes great pride in his medical care, and strives to make sure everyone who sees him leaves better than they arrived. Due to a string of unfortunate circumstances outside of his control, he was very isolated from people for around 6-7 years during his studies. During his tenure as a nurse, he met a woman named Sol who has helped him slowly open up and work through old trauma, and return to the outside world. They are currently dating, and things are going well for him.